WEBVTT 00:09.320 --> 00:13.480 We even went to Islamabad and the Parliament house to do sit-ins 00:13.480 --> 00:20.520 We went to the Supreme Court to ask for our rights. We appealed to be regularized, and to have our salaries regularized. 00:20.520 --> 00:27.360 Khushnood Akhtar Lashari [Health Ministry] and Nargis Sethi [Health Secretary] as well as the Federal Government in general are guaranteeing 00:27.360 --> 00:34.120 That your due money will be immediately released! 00:35.400 --> 00:39.840 We are very proud of our union and we have won many victories. 00:39.840 --> 00:43.720 But there is still some work left to do! 00:43.720 --> 00:51.720 We are still overburdened with work, we are underpaid, and the government isn't hiring more Lady Health Workers. 00:51.720 --> 00:56.840 Currently we are demanding an increase in salaries, a regular pension 00:56.840 --> 01:00.480 and also for more workers to be hired. 01:00.480 --> 01:04.040 This is the just compensation for the essential work we do. 01:04.040 --> 01:10.920 Because of the union we have gained respect in society as well as our rights. 01:10.920 --> 01:17.600 Who could have thought that when I was 25 years old I was picking cotton in the fields 01:17.600 --> 01:24.120 But today I am a Lady Health Worker and I am fighting for my rights and the rights of my peers.